SkOP ¦ Season 2 – Episode 4 ¦ The Future of Work

Jul 16, 2021


Produced by Ashmita Randhawa (@Rand_Ash) and James Robson (@elpug). Edited by Laura Dong. Music composed and performed by Francis Pugh and the Whisky Singers.

Guests: Professor Ewart Keep, Emeritus Professor of Education, Training and Skills and previous Director of SKOPE; and Dr Adam Saunders, SKOPE Research Fellow, Department of Education, University of Oxford

Today our guests discuss the changing nature of work: the ways in which digitisation, automation, AI, and COVID-19 are all reshaping occupational identities and skills demands. We discuss different and innovative approaches to mapping evolving skills needs at national and local levels and the ways in which skills systems can respond.