Professor Ken Mayhew

SKOPE Fellow

Ken Mayhew is the Founding Director of SKOPE and the Emeritus Professor of Education and Economic Performance at University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow in Economics at Pembroke College.

He is a labour economist and has published widely in this area. His research interests include: the economics of education, with particular emphasis on higher education; organisational strategy and the choice of product specification, associated production processes and human resource management practices; the measurement and the meaning of skill; the workings of the labour market; productivity; distributional outcomes.

Currently he is working on: an international project on changing social models and their impact of change on the labour market; unemployment in OECD countries; skills, productivity and performance; the distributional outcomes of the expansion of higher education and its impact on vocational training; the alleged polarisation of the UK labour market and the implications for education and training.

Ken is chair of an Advisory Committee for the OECD’s PIAAC survey, which is currently in the field, and a member of the international advisory committee for the OECD’s LEED project. In recent years he has advised the DfES, the DTI, the European Commission, as well as a number of skills agencies at home and abroad. He is an editor of Oxford Economic Papers and of the Oxford Review of Economic Policy, as well as being a member of the editorial board of the Oxford Review of Education.

Ken can be contacted by email at: or by phone on: 01865 611010.