SkOP ¦ Episode 1 ¦ COVID-19 and Youth Unemployment

Jul 17, 2020

Season 1: The L-Shape

Episode 1 – COVID-19 and Youth unemployment

Produced by Ashmita Randhawa (@Rand_Ash) and James Robson (@elpug). Music composed and performed by Francis Pugh and the Whisky Singers.

Guests : Ewart Keep , recently retired Professor of Education and Skills, Department of Education (@OxfordDeptofEd), University of Oxford and previous Director, SKOPE Research Centre (@SKOPEOxford) , and Sue Maguire, Honorary Professor at the Institute for Policy Research, University of Bath.

As folks might remember from our Episode 0, the focus for this season’s podcast will be on the impact of COVID-19 and this pandemic on education and skills development. This week’s episode zooms in on the impact this pandemic will have on youth unemployment. We build an understanding of the issue of youth unemployment as it stands today, and highlight the areas that need focusing on to navigate the effects of COVID-19. Sue and Ewart offer their thoughts on headline announcements (such as Kickstart) from HM Treasury and the potential consequences of such measures. They also emphasize the need for nuanced debate and honest conversation and coordination to tackle the impending increase in youth unemployment.

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