Professor Johnny Sung

Professor of Skills and Performance, Research Fellow, Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore

 Institute of Education, University College LondonDepartment of Lifelong and Comparative EducationVisiting Professor
Cardiff UniversityCardiff School of Social SciencesHonorary Professor
Institute for Adult LearningCentre for Skills, Performance and ProductivityProfessor of Skills & Performance, Research Fellow.

Professor Sung is an international expert in workforce development, focusing specifically on training effectiveness and the link between skills policy and business performance. Professor Sung is currently conducting skills research in Singapore supporting government skills policy. There are three strands of research: a) Skills utilisation and job quality; b) The sectoral approach to skills and performance in key industry sectors; c)  Adult competencies and job performance.
Before 2011, Professor Sung researched in the UK with funding from UK government agencies, research councils, professional bodies, international agencies such as the International Labour Office, the World Bank and other national governments. In 2011, Professor Sung relocated to Singapore, and set up the Centre for Skills, Performance and Productivity (CSPP) within the Institute for Adult Learning (a Singapore government statutory board) which delivers major national research projects in Singapore, for example, on skills utilisation, business performance and skills and the OECD PIAAC (adult competencies) Study. CSPP also evaluates government workforce initiatives. Since returning to the UK in late 2019, Professor Sung still maintains a research connection with Singapore.
Professor Sung is also an Editorial Board member of the International Journal of Training and Development. He is also a visiting professor and an honorary professor at the University College London and Cardiff University, respectively.
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